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I was just 10 years old when I assumed the leader’s role. The way followers responded helped me to learn when I was leading clearly and correctly, and when I was not. The best followers did not move if I did not clearly signal the intended direction. If I led them astray, they followed in such a way that I realized the lead was not correct. 

Without words, just body language, I learned to be secure but humble, direct but understanding, decisive but gentle, ambitious but patient; and more than anything, honest about my strengths and weaknesses. 

The dance floor was my playground and a safe environment for trial and error. But the lessons I learned were of larger things that I could apply in my daily life.

From a young age, the tango taught me about the power of the symbiotic interaction between leader and follower: the clear roles that fulfill one another for the ultimate goal of producing something beautiful and powerful.

Our goal is to extend and share what we have learned in the dance world so that others can embrace and apply some of the most important lessons in life, teamwork, relationships, art, and success.

Pablo Pugliese