“Having both been leaders in the corporate world and studied tango for several years, we believe that the study of tango can go a long way in creating successful business leaders. Tango is a difficult dance. It demands concentration and focus. It demands practice. It demands discipline and control of both the mind and the body. It teaches connection, both to the music and the dance partner. It demands courage. These skills are all necessary for leadership and success in business and in your personal life. We highly recommend Pablo Pugliese both for his skill as a tango teacher and his ability to connect with and inspire his students.”

Howard Starr and Alicia Starr
Former president and CEO, Tommy Hilfiger Canada Inc and Former vice president and owner, Partners in Motivation and Marketing

From the moment I discovered tango about 15 years ago, I learned that it can be very difficult and at times demoralizing.  But my wife and I have persisted, thanks to Pablo and Noel. They are true task masters but know how to reinforce a simple credo: "Accomplishment will not come easy and must be met with hard work and determination." This same philosophy can easily be applied in the business world, like at the global company I run. Without a doubt the tango training has made me more focused and brought great results.

Milton Schneider
CEO Circle Glass LLC

The Tango for Leaders workshop was fun and a great learning experience – it helped me to be more in sync with my partner by being present and made me more aware of not only the importance of leadership but also of how to be a great follower – critical skills required for life and work.

Tanuja Ramchal

Tango for Leaders pushed me to see both sides; one as the leader and the other as a follower and helped me understand both are necessary roles for success. Tango for Leaders was not only great fun, but a refreshing view that taught great lessons in leadership I will use throughout my career.

Annette Stewart
Financial Services Executive

"I began my study of tango with Pablo Pugliese when I was a media executive. As my tango developed, so too did my poise and confidence - both in my dancing and in my work life. As my ability to pick up the subtleties of tango lead and follow improved, so too did my self awareness, listening, perceiving and responsiveness skills as a corporate leader. I believe that what I learned in tango from Pablo as a dancer deserves a significant part of the credit for my promotion to vice president. Later, after starting my own successful company, I continue to apply these lessons, which are valuable in tango and crucial in leadership".

Kathy O'Shaughnessy
Co-Founder Yellow Brick Systems and Former Vice President, Technology and Operations Media Networks, a Time Inc. Company