Tango for Leaders uses core principles of Argentine tango to explore the complex dynamics of leading and following to build leadership and teamwork skills. Designed for people without previous dance experience, this workshop provides a safe environment that catalyzes powerful insights into creating trust, strengthening communication, and sharing responsibility for success in any organizational setting.


Tango for Leaders offers an innovative, experiential learning journey for businesses and other organizations that want to help leaders and their teams build:

  • Leadership skills and strategies
  • Team dynamics
  • Self-confidence 
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Adaptability


Even for people with natural abilities at leading, it is a skill that requires ongoing study, training, and improvement. 

My parents were pioneers of a form of Argentine tango that emphasized the importance of both leader and follower. Watching them, and experiencing it for myself when I started to dance at a very young age, I quickly came to understand the importance of honesty and trust between leaders and followers, as well as the great responsibility that falls upon the leader. Without understanding and listening to the follower, the leader will sabotage both partners....

“Pablo stands out as a teacher of the Argentine tango not just as a dance, but as a microcosm of leadership and partnership skills: communication, negotiation, patience, persistence, and humor. The stories he told illustrating the psychological component of the tango have stayed with me for many years after I began studying with him.”

Michele Wucker

CEO, Gray Rhino & Company