Do participants need dance experience? 

No dance experience is required. Tango for Leaders is designed to benefit participants with varying levels of dance training, from zero to advanced. 

Do participants need a partner?

Participants do not need partners. A significant part of the learning experience comes from changing partners throughout the course of the workshop.

Does this workshop require equal numbers of men and women?

Exercises are gender neutral so any gender mix will work. Tango for Leaders is consistent with the best tango studios, where beginning students learn both leader and follower roles.

Isn’t the tango a bit, well, racy for the workplace?

The Argentine tango as a social dance has more in common with a respectful two-way conversation than with the flashy show version you’re probably thinking of from stage and film. Tango for Leaders uses a non-threatening “practice” dance position for trust and communication exercises that are as comfortable as the more commonly used Trust Walk, Human Knot, or Circle of Friends team-building games.

How can something as nonverbal as the tango help leaders, who largely communicate verbally?

Tango helps you to home in on cues and become more aware of the messages you're sending as a leader, thus building your leadership and communication skills.